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Setapp, el App Store por suscripción, ahora disponible en Español

Setapp, disponible para MacOS, es una buena alternativa al App Store de Apple por una suscripción mensual de 9,99 dólares.

Beats Lanza su gama Studio 3 con cancelación de ruido adaptativa

Beats presentó hoy los nuevos auriculares inalámbricos Studio3 Wireless con el chip W1 de Apple y la tecnología Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling.

Este podría ser el precio del próximo iPhone

Varios rumores han sugerido que el próximo “iPhone 8” podría ser el más caro que Apple haya lanzado, con varios analistas llamándolo un dispositivo “premium” que cuesta más de $ 1,000 dólares.

Formula 1 2017 ya disponible para MacOS

La editorial londinense Feral Interactive anunció hoy que la F1 2017, el videojuego oficial del actual Campeonato Mundial FIA 2017, ya está disponible para macOS, coincidiendo con su debut en sistemas de…

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Manny the selfie-snapping cat becomes an Instagram sensation

​​Social media users have probably seen enough cat photos to last them nine lifetimes, but there’s one moggy Instagram can’t seem to get enough of. The feline is obsessed with cameras, particularly…

Microsoft is recalling Surface Pro power cables due to fire risks

​​Microsoft is about to launch a voluntary recall on power cables for Surface Pro tablets after identifying them as a potential fire risk. If you own the latest model – the Surface Pro 4 – you have nothing to worry about, but…

Hands-on with Casio’s rugged Android Wear watch

You might not think that by looking at this thing, but the larger-than-life Casio Smart Outdoors Watch WSD-F10 marks a serious step forward in smartwatch evolution, honest. Not only is it the first true smartwatch designed for the wannabe Bear…

Google Starts Testing Password-Free Logins Using Your Phone

Passwords — especially weak ones or those used across multiple systems — can create all kinds of vulnerabilities and security headaches for people and businesses. The test was brought to light yesterday when reddit user rp1226 posted documents and screenshots…

Lenovo Tapping Google’s Project Tango for First Smartphone

Computer tech company Lenovo is dancing its way into the smartphone market — with Google. Lenovo took the lid off plans for its first consumer mobile device at CES 2016 in Las Vegas this week. “To break new ground in…

Rhiannon Williams: It’s nice to be nice, but better to be Steve Jobs?

Who cares if the Apple co-founder was a volatile man who was difficult to deal with? Sometimes that’s the price of genius. Can a great man be a good man? This is the question posed by the trailer for Steve…

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